BuyT ContentLink

The 3 C's - Linking Consumer to Commerce through Content

BuyT's new product discovery and recommendation platform, ContentLink is revolutionalizing today's platform-focused, hyper-connected and mobile-first world by changing the way information flows from a service provider or merchant to the consumer. It's a mission to help people make the most informed decisions while availing digital services and transactions. On one hand we collate and curate data from service providers (for example, e-commerce stores, travel portals and other online and offline merchants). On the other, we crawl and analyze digital content (articles, photos, videos and more) to understand and interpret context and user behavior. ContentLink merges these to recommend the best deals, products and services right where the content is and when an user is looking for related info. In an age of information overload, we provide discovery and brand visibility to newer and niche sites and merchants, along with invaluable, high-intent traffic to established portals. This has led us to become the top marketing partner with e-tailers like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal as well as a top lead generator for niche sites like Urjakart, Ibhejo and The Electronic Store. We are all about performance and ROI driven marketing.

Unlike the desktop world, it is complicated to hop between apps on mobile. Considering that placing banner ads within the small mobile screen is distracting and ineffective, effectively monetizing skyrocketing mobile traffic inventory is a huge pain point for content publishers. Aspiring to become the Google of the mobile world, BuyT uses its extensive catalog of information to power native widgets with highly relevant, real-time, contextual information, opening up a lucrative revenue stream. And the proof of BuyT’s prowess lies in the numbers - industry-beating CTR's of 7-8 percent when traditional units grapple to attain 0.5-1 percent.

Currently the BuyT ContentLink platform has been rolled out with all marquee Indian publishers and media houses serving over 3 million recommendations per day. Having got an overwhelming response, the next step is to expand domains (services, travel, etc) and geographies. The world is our oyster!



3 million

Daily users across platforms interacting and transacting via ContentLink widgets


CTR for ContentLink widgets on relevant smartphone review pages on mobile

100+ million

Recommendations per month powered by ContentLink across devices and content publishers, including marquee Indian media houses

5 million

Monthly number of clicks through the platform

300+ crore

Annualized GMV driven to merchants, and growing 35% month-on-month


Horizontal and vertical e-commerce players plugged into ContentLink platform

Sample Widgets

Looks may not be everything, but they're a whole lot!